We support communities by collecting merchandise donations from generous American corporations and giving it to non-profits and Indivduals like you.




Are you a school or non-profit, Individuals looking for a smart way to stretch your budget? We can help.

Harvest Good's offers organizations like yours access to thousands of brand new, quality products for a fraction of retail cost. Office supplies, clothes, toys, toiletries, electronics, books… and all the merchandise is free. Yes. Free! And it’s available to help you make a bigger difference in your community.

Key Member Benefits:

  • Merchandise is free. Members only pay S&H
  • Expand services for those who depend on you
  • Cut spending on routine items like office supplies
  • Membership money-back guarantee



Are you a business trying to get rid of excess inventory without compromising your brand?

We have a solution.

We offer a unique opportunity to receive a tax deduction by donating excess inventory to non-profits. Harvest Good's makes it simple, tightly controlled and fully documented. You can be assured that your products will land in the hands of those who need it most—not on the auction block.

Key Donor Benefits:

  • Tax deductions up to twice the value of your donation
  • Tightly controlled distribution protects brand integrity
  • Reports of non-profits that received your donation
  • Flexible donation process